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行政助理Admin Assistant


工作內容 (Key Responsibilities)


  • 輸入貨品資料到(ERP)系統 (Input products data into ERP system)
  • 追蹤核對進出貨品資訊 (Trace and check products delivery information)
  • 安排快遞領退貨、寄件及清點貨品 (Arrange courier pick up, return, delivery and support stock taking)
  • 協助商標抽查及列印事宜 (Assist in trademark sampling check and printing)
  • 需外出工作及採購 (Outdoor work is required, e.g. purchasing)
  • 一般文書資料處理及歸檔工作 (Support on general clerical and filing work)
  • 協助處理其他庶務性行政工作 (Perform ad-hoc admin task when necessary)


條件要求 (Requirements)


  • 1年以上行政或相關工作經歷
  • 高中、專科畢業
  • 精通中文和中等英文程度 (聽、說可略懂)


公司福利 (Benefits)


  • 勞保 (Labour Insurance)、健保 (Health Insurance)
  • 特休/年假 (優於勞基法) (Annual Leave – More than Labour Standard Act)

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